‘Think of’ vs. ‘Think About’

Difference Between ‘Think of’ and ‘Think About’

‘Think of’ and ‘Think about’ are two such expressions that are often used to make same sense since there is not much of a difference between the two. ‘Think of’ is used for implying ‘remembrance’ as in the sentences

1. I think of my car when I watch the races.

2. He thinks of his kids when he sees other kids playing in the ground.

In both the sentences use of ‘think of’ is made to express the meaning of ‘to remember’. In the first sentence of the person remembered his own car when he watched the races. In the second sentence the person remembered his kids given to him every time he saw other kids.

The term ‘think about’ communicates the sense of interest due to liking or any other feeling as in the sentences

1. I think my sister every time I see it.

2. She thinks of her house when she is far from that.

In both the sentences use of the term ‘think about’ suggests the idea of ​​interest due to liking or other feeling. In the first sentence the interest of the person is on her sister because of the affection. In the second sentence the interest in person’s home is suggested by the use of the term ‘think about’. This is essentially the difference between the two expressions, ‘think of’ and ‘think about’.

The expression ‘think of’ is momentary in comparison with ‘think about’ in terms of duration of thought or we can say that ‘think about’ suggests that we are talking about long thought whereas ‘think of’ implies that it is a short thought. This is a significant difference between ‘think of’ and ‘think about’.


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