‘Your’ vs. ‘you’re’

Difference Between ‘Your’ and ‘you’re’

‘Your’ and ‘you’re’ are two different words and cannot be interchanged. Yet it is surprising to see people using them as substitute. While the word ‘your’ indicates the possession ‘you’re’ is the word which is made of two words-you and are. For instance-your book-you would not be saying you’re book unless you are talking to a book! You also would like to wrong yourself by saying-‘your right’ instead of

‘You’re right’.

It needs to be clear that the word ‘you’ is used to imply the sense of possession. For instance ‘I would love to come to your house over a cup of coffee.’ Or ‘I hope your day was good.’

Whereas ‘you’re’ should be seen as ‘you are’. In the word ‘you’re’ ‘you’ and ‘are’ are used as personal pronoun and auxiliary verb respectively.  For example

‘You’re extraordinary.’

‘You’re the best singer of the town.’

Try to use ‘you’ instead and notice the weird sentence structure. For instance

‘Your extraordinary.’

‘Your the best singer of the town.’

Hence, be precise and accurate while using the two words-‘your’ and ‘you’re’. These cannot be interchanged.


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