Kiss vs. Smooch

Difference between A Kiss and A Smooch

Kissing is one way of showing love and affection. This act is practiced all over the world for various reasons. Some actually call it different things like making out or smooching. What they don’t know is that there is actually a difference between kissing and smooching.

What is a Kiss?

There are actually many forms of kissing, the most common being a kiss on the lips. This kind of kiss is usually associated with people that are in a romantic relationship with each other.

Kisses can be done on any part of a person and even on objects. Where you plant the kiss can actually show what relationship you have with the person. For example, a kiss on the cheeks can be a sign of affection between friends and relatives or a wish for good luck. In some countries, it is also considered as a form of greeting.

What is a Smooch?

Unlike kissing, which can be neutral, smooching is actually a kind of kiss that is purely romantic in nature. It lasts longer than the other kinds of kisses and is limited to the lips. It is an enthusiastic kiss that can be either gentle and sensual or wild and exciting.

In Summary:

  • A smooch is a kind of kiss
  • Kisses can be done on any part of the body while smooches are limited to the lips
  • A smooch lasts longer than other kinds of kisses
  • A smooch is romantic while a kiss can be neutral
  • A smooch can either be gentle and sensual or wild and exciting

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