Accept vs. Admit

Difference Between Accept and Admit

If you are confused between the meanings and usage of words, admit and accept then this article is for you.

You can easily understand the difference through the examples given here:

  • I accept the facts the way they are.
  • I admit my mistakes.

The confusion occurs in the sentences like ‘I admit my mistake’ and ‘I accept my mistake’.

You must understand that accept refers to the sense that the things are being considered and expression of agreeing on something while word admit talks about surrendering to something.

For example, I accept your resignation. This sentence means that I agree or I take your resignation into consideration. Similarly if we say I admit that I was late. This means that I surrender to the accusation of being late.

Admit is also used in the sense of allowing someone for something. For example he was admitted to the school after the entrance exam.

Another usage of admit is seen in the cases where someone is given entry. For example he is admitted in the hospital.


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