Across vs. Through

Difference Between Across and Through

Are you confused between two words across and through? If yes, then this article is for you.

  • Usually the word across is used in the sense of ‘on’ and through is used in the sense of ‘in’.

For example, we walked across the road and we walked through the jungle.

  • We should use across if it something about moving on the surface while through is used in the context where we talk about movement in 3 dimensional spaces.

For example, we had to walk across the road for reaching the hotel and we ran through the crowd.

  • ‘Through’ cannot be used when we talk about association with something which is thin, long and continuous. For example he swam through the river is incorrect while the correct word here will be across. So the correct sentence will be, he swam across the river.
  • Across can be also be used when talking about deserts, fields, fence etc where we intend to talk about the movement to the other side of the area. For example, he jumped across the wall, he moved across the fields etc.



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