Act vs. Bill

Difference Between Act and Bill

Act and bill are two related terms.  For making any law in parliamentary system of government private members or the government have to present a bill in the parliament. This bill is the draft for making a law.  Different provisions in the bills are discussed and amended after discussion on them in the parliament. Once it is approved by the majority in the house it is sent to the President for approval. If the bill gets the consent of the president then it becomes an act.

Ideally the bill is first presented and discussed in the lower house and then it is sent to the upper house. Once it is approved by the majority in the upper house, it is sent to the president. All the amendments proposed by the upper house are discussed in the lower house. It is very important for the upper house to approve the bill as sent by the lower house and only then it can be sent to the president for approval for making it an act.

Thus, bill is the draft of an act before it is approved and given the status of a law.


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