Act vs. Legislation

Difference Between Act and Legislation

Act and legislation are closely related to each other. To understand these terms let us first understand system of law making in parliamentary system.  The members of parliament or the legislators introduce bill in the parliament. The bill is then discussed and approved by the legislators. The bill is then sent to the president for approval and if it gets approved then the bill becomes act. This act is a law that becomes applicable to the concerned section of the society.

There are different types of acts, namely, public, private and hybrid acts. Public acts apply on all the citizens while private cats are for specific people. Hybrid acts have elements of both the acts. Any bill needs approval of the majority in the parliament to become an act. This act becomes legislation after getting approval from the president.  Legislation is a general term which is used for all the regulations and acts passed by parliament.

Legislature has the power to make laws while judiciary has the power to interpret it.



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