Act vs. Ordinance

Difference Between Act and Ordinance

Legislation is commonly known as law and it covers all the acts, ordinances, regulations and subordinate legislations which are made for maintaining law, order and smooth conduct of the businesses. If you tend to get confused between act and ordinance then this article can help you in understanding them in a better way.

A bill becomes an act after it is introduced in the parliament, discussed and approved by legislature and then finally gets assent of the president. This act has the power of law and must be followed by all the citizens. Ordinance is a law made by the local governments like the municipalities and some ordinances have the power to supersede the laws made by the federal government.

In India, when the parliament is not in session and a need for a law is felt then the president can bring an ordinance that has the power of a law. This ordinance has to be approved by the parliament as soon as the session is convened.  This may or may get passed as law but traditionally it becomes an acts after the approval of parliament.



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