Adhd vs. Asperger Syndrome

Difference Between Adhd and Asperger Syndrome

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome are both mental disorders. ADHD is a condition that primarily affects boys and is characterized by behavioral and learning disorders. Asperger’s is commonly known as autism and is characterized by problems with social interaction and restricted repetitive behaviors and interests. Both these conditions are mainly seen in boys than girls

ADHD is caused by several factors:. Genetics, diet and social and environmental surroundings. ADHD is hereditary, but there can be a problem in any particular gene, drinking during pregnancy leads to complications in unborn child. Children who consume large amounts of artificial food colors and preservatives contribute to hyperactivity. The environment in which the child grows up has also affects him. If he experiences family dysfunction, inadequate education, violence and psychological abuse he is more likely to develop ADHD.

Asperger syndrome is also a genetic inheritance and the question of which specific genes cause this problem also remains unknown.
People with ADHD are easily distracted. They often switch from one activity to another. They experience problems in focusing on one thing, they easily get bored, they Daydream, they make unnecessary movements, talking nonstop, will be very anxious all the time, they express their all the emotions without any restraint.

Asperger’s often show great interest and concentration. They are often repetitive and restricted in their activities that make them exceptionally focused and intense. They have inflexible routines, move in stereotyped behavior, or are often focused on parts of objects. People with this syndrome have language abnormalities.

ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome is often confused with each other. Treatment is same but the drugs used are different. ┬áStimulants and antipsychotics are there but no direct medication is there to treat such syndromes. ADHD patients are known to have some theory in their mind because they are able to sympathize. There is also a clear distinction between the two ADHD patients because they react different in different situations, but Asperger’s patients do not really know what to do. They do not realize that each relationship is two-fold. However, ADHD patients simply can not control themselves from talking.

Understanding the difference between ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome will help to avoid inappropriate prescriptions for patients. Parents must give their full support and care to children who suffer from this type of disorder


a. Both are mental disorders
b. Both have their main cause as hereditary
c. ADHD patients are more frank, and lacks mental capacity and Asperger syndrome patients are focused and intellectual.

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  • Lowell

    I am not formally trained in any medical practice but I can tell from a mile that this article is very “black and white”: It makes the assumption that everyone with AS is intellectual but are totally lacking in empathy or the comprehension of relationship dynamics.

    I am diagnosed with AS and I do show empathy, I can break routines and whilst I do consider myself intelligent, I don’t think I am intelligent to a “superior level” as-it-were.

    given how many articles (including this one) describe AS, I do sometimes wonder whether I wasn’t misdiagnosed. Its really important that information of autistic disorders are documented properly.

  • guest

    I do not agree with this article in 2 points. One is saying that AHDH people are unable to concentrate. The fact is that they can get deep concentration if the subject provides enough stimulation to their brains, and do not concentrate in everything else, thus the shifting attention. The other point I desagree is the last line. ADHD people often have high mental capacity, but it goes unnoticed because they often can’t concentrate in class. Or their ADHD goes unnoticed because of their high mental capacity. This article is full of stereotypes, and good research shows it clearly.