Aftershave vs. Cologne

Difference Between Aftershave and Cologne

Aftershave and Cologne are used to shave the beard. They are not the same thing and should be used differently

After you shave your beard using a shaving foam or gel you use an aftershave which helps you to get rid of the pain or irritation that you may have due to the occasional nicks and cuts from the shaving razor. It is used only on the face and the chin after the shave. The antiseptic elements that are present in aftershave cure the cuts or small wounds that happen during shaving.

The purpose of using cologne is to add some fragrance to your face after you are done with your shave. Unlike the aftershave cologne is used on other parts of the body as well for the reason of adding scent to the body. Cologne also contains some permitted oils.

So aftershave is used like an antiseptic cream but cologne is used like a scent. Cologne is also costlier than an aftershave.

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