Difference Between AIM and MSN

AIM and MSN are IM (instant messenger) programs used by people who chat and stay in touch with each other irrespective of the location they are in. These instant messaging technologies real time chat support and have been preferred by most of the consumers.

AIM or AOL Instant Messaging is an individual program launched by AOL (America Online) in 1997. Since then, AOL has constantly upgraded the AIM software, merging new features that were not there originally. Improvements were made in file sharing system, chat room messaging technology, different and exciting online games, easily accessible contact information list, integrated software, plug-ins etc. AOL has also brought in compatibility with different operating systems thereby making it more easily accessible to users.

MSN (Microsoft Online) Messenger was created by Microsoft in 1999, following which there were continuous upgrades coming. They used to vary from a basic plain text messaging and simple contact list to customizations of chat window and Peer to Peer transfers. With new upgrades of operating systems, Microsoft upgraded and made their messenger compatible with all the existent versions. Features Like voice chat, video chat, games, other applications, emoticons etc. In 2006, Microsoft replaced the Microsoft Messenger and released the Windows Live Messenger.

Both offer world class service to their clients along with exciting packages as far as their instant messaging service is concerned. Both have superior features as in, contacts, emoticons, P2P file transfers, chat windows, chat rooms etc. MSN has Xbox integration which empowers people using MSN/WLM to view the Gamertags of their friends-logged to Xbox Live. AIM has an application for users of iPhone and iPod Touch, thus bringing in availability to people on the move.

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