Airtel DTH vs. Tata Sky – The Difference Between

The difference between Airtel DTH and Tata Sky

Two of the Indian service provides for Direct to Home Satellite television service are Airtel DTH and Tata Sky DTH. Even though the two companies perform the same services there are differences between them which is why people in India choose one over the other.

Tata Sky is a newcomer to this industry having been launched in 2009. It was formed as a joint venture between two companies, Tata and Star. Star has been a media and communications giant in Asia for quite some time. Tata Sky offers more than 180 channels to its subscribers and offers a wide variety of features.

Airtel DTH came on the market in 2008 and this resulted in dramatic growth in the direct to home satellite television in India. It offers more than 150 channels and is available in about 62 cities throughout the country.

Each of these satellite television providers uses different technology. The technology used by Airtel DTH is the advanced MPEG-4. Tata Sky uses MPEG-2. New subscribers to Airtel purchase a starter package that costs Rs 2500. The starter package from Tata Sky is cheaper, starting at Rs 1400 and depending on the features you want, it can be more expensive. Some of the varieties of the Tata Sky packages that one can order are:

  • Tata South Jumbo Pack
  • Tata Sky South Value Pack
  • Tata Sky Super Saver Pack
  • Tata Sky Family Pack
  • Tata Sky South Starter Pack
  • Tate Sky Super Hit Pack

The advantages of choosing Airtel DTH include the professional installation you receive, which is carried out using a compass, the neat set up of the receiver, the affordability and the fast rate at which you can change channels. At the same time there are advantages of choosing Tata Sky as your service provider. This provider uses enhanced technology and allows for such things as pausing and rewinding, two services that are only available from this provider. The service is very affordable and the customer service is exceptionally good. In addition, Tata Sky has an online recharging facility.

There are also disadvantages with each of these providers. Airtel DTH does not have an online recharge facility and it has fewer transponders. The receivers used by Tata Sky do not have the modern look as those from Airtel DTH and the company does not provide professional installation.


Airtel DTH:

The company started in 2008 and offers more than 150 channels using MPEG-4 technology. Subscribers have the advantage of professional installation, rapid channel changes and a modern looking receiver. The disadvantages are that it doesn’t provide an online recharge facility and it has less transponders.

Tata Sky

This company started in 2009 when Tata and Star came together in a joint venture. It offers more than 180 channels and uses MPEG-2 technology. It does feature an online recharge facility, is cheaper than Airtel DTH and has a wide variety of packages to choose from. It has pause and rewind features and customer support that subscribers can rely on. It does not provide professional installation and the receivers are older looking than those of Airtel DTH.


  • Imraj_4u

    TATA SKY is better than Airtel DTH.

  • Monalisaamerica

    tata sky sucks… they cant add channels they can just replace. So many new channels are not available on it. Premium international channels like Movies Now, Big CBS are not available on TSky due technological constraints. Airtel is much better service for a true tv watcher and its pura Desi!

  • Rakeshpillai429

    we can recharge it online by

  • Bhavana Sharma

    According to me the tata sky is the best because in it we have the facility to record the programs which are broadcasting on television. It is also provides the facility to pay for the channels, those we want to watch rather then for all channels.