Alby vs. Bianca – The Difference Between these Cyclones

Similarities and differences between Alby and Bianca

Australia is no stranger to extreme weather, especially cyclones. In the past the southern part of the country has been hit by fourteen cyclones. Two of these have been named Alby and Bianca. Alby occurred in 1978 in Southwest Australia and Bianca occurred in 2011 further to the south.

One of the major differences between these two cyclones has to do with the temperatures. The winds associated with Alby were hot, dry and gale force, which made it a rare occurrence in a cyclone. In some locations fires resulted from the high temperatures. Bianca was completely different in that its intensity reduced as moved toward the colder parts of the country.

Alby was a deadly cyclone with major property damage and there was some loss of life. Well-constructed commercial buildings were flattened. Bianca was not as severe in this aspect because it did not cause a lot of damage. The majority of buildings were unaffected by this cyclone.

The winds of the Alby cyclone were extremely high, which is why there was so much damage. The Bianca winds were not as high because they lessened as they started to pass through a high pressure zone.

Even though there are many differences between the two cyclones, weather experts have found that there is at least one aspect in common. Both cyclones were positioned in the same location in the atmosphere. Both of them were facing towards the south.

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