Alcohol Abuse Vs. Alcoholism

Difference Between Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
What is the difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism?

There is not a big difference between alcohol abuse and alcoholism, and the terms are often used interchangeably. If one, however, attempts to distinguish between the two, he may find that alcohol abuse can be about individual events or episodes, as if they multiply, may develop into alcoholism. Alcoholism is a more serious problem.

Alcoholism is a condition in which a person starts taking large amounts of alcohol. Alcoholism develops from a combination of physiological, psychological, social and genetic factors, and is characterized by an emotional and physical dependence on alcohol. A large number of the adult population are characterized as alcoholics, or have major drinking problems of one degree or another. There are many men who have alcohol problems, but drinking is also a problem among youth and women.

When is alcohol use an alcohol abuse?
12.8 g of pure alcohol (which equals, for example, one bottle of beer, one glass of wine or one drink of alcohol) is equal to 1 SE. A regular consumption of more than 20 SE per week for men and more than 13 SE per week for women is considered to be potentially harmful with regard to most alcohol-related problems and disorders.

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