Ambition vs. Goal – The Difference Between

What is the difference between an ambition and a goal?

So many people confuse the words “ambition” and “goal” by thinking that they mean that same thing. There meanings do appear to be similar, but there are differences between the two.

What does ambition mean?

Ambition refers to the determination that you have about reaching a goal you have set for yourself It is about success and the drive you have to achieve the measure of success that you want.

What is a goal?

A goal is a target that you set. It is an aim or the object of your determination.

What is the difference between the two words?

Determination is ambition. One cannot have ambition without determination. However, you can set a goal but never reach it if you don’t have enough ambition or determination. Ambition requires action, but there is no action involved in a goal. It just indicates a destination that you want to reach.

It may be your ambition to achieve the highest marks in your class. In order to do this you will have to study, complete all assignments and work hard. Therefore your ambition requires that you take action.

Ambition usually refers to a chosen field – a profession or a career path. Ambition is a noun. It can be written as an adjective – ambitious and can also be written as an adverb – ambitiously. Goal, however, can only be written as a noun.