American Roulette vs. European Roulette – The Difference Between

Overview of the difference between American Roulette and European Roulette

American Roulette and European Roulette are games played in casinos in which players place bets on a wheel and choose red or black and an odd or even number. The numbers are evenly distributed along the length of the table and players take a guess and a chance as to where the wheel will stop. If it lands on the number they have chosen, then they win. Roulette is also a very popular online game.

About American Roulette

The wheel and the table used in the game of American Roulette consist of 38 pockets. Each of these pockets contains a number. They are 00 and the numbers from 0 to 36. The addition of the extra number decreases the odds of winning. However, in American Roulette there are pairs of numbers located across from each other and because of this location of the numbers, it is easier to be a winner.

About European Roulette

There are only 37 pockets on the table and the wheel in European Roulette. There is no 00 (double zero) and only the numbers 0 through 36 are used. The numbers are also placed randomly on the wheel and this increases the odds of winning.

The difference between the two forms of Roulette

There is one more pocket on an American Roulette table for a total of 38. An extra number – 00 – is used in addition to the numbers 0 to 36. There are 37 pockets on the European Roulette table for the numbers 0 to 36. This means that it is easier to win in European Roulette, which also has a smaller house edge. For this reason, European Roulette is the more popular of the two with the players. Casino owners, though, prefer the American Roulette tables because the odds are in the house’s favor.


  • There are 38 pockets in American Roulette and 37 in European Roulette.
  • There is an extra number in American Roulette – 00.
  • Both tables use the numbers 0 to 36.
  • European Roulette is the more popular one because it is easier to win.