Andhra vs. Telangana in India – The Difference Between

How are Andhra and Telegana in India different?

Andhra and Telegana are the names of two of the major areas of the fifth largest state in India – Andhra Pradesh. It is not the largest in size, but it certainly is the largest in terms of the population of the area. The main difference in these two areas is their location. Andhra is located along the coast, and Telegana is located in the northern part of the state.

Andhra has the second longest coastline in all of India, spanning 972 km. One interesting fact is that the capital of Andhra, Hyderabad, is actually located within the borders of the state of Telegana. The capital of Hyderabad is one of ten districts in Telegana. The amalgamation of these two regions in 1956 was opposed by the people of Telegana who really wanted them to remain two separate states. It was not opposed by the people of Andhra.

Hyderabad was later divided into 22 districts. Telegana received 9 of these districts and the rest were designated to be part of Andhra. At this time Andhra went by the name of Madras Presidency.

The state of Andhra Pradesh is divided by the River Krishna into two areas – Telegana and Rayalaseema. Rayalaseema is located in the south and Telegana is located in the north. Andhra lies along the coast. In its location along the northern side of the river, Kothagoodem, the area known for its rich deposits of coal and its production, is a district in Telegana. Andhra is the location of Gundar, which is one of commercial centers in all of Andhra Pradesh. This center is well-known as the major production area for chili and cotton.

Telangana has four rivers within its borders – the Krishna, the Godavari, the Tungabahdra and the Penna. It doesn’t have any ports. Andhra, though, has two major ports – Visakhapatnam and Kakinada. Although Telegana has some of the districts of Hyderabad, the government has declared nine of the other districts of this region as being backward.

The discontent of the people of Telegana about the amalgamation that took place in 1956 continued and in 1969, the people staged an agitation that received a lot of attention. They wanted their own separate state, but the request was denied. Another attempt in 1990 also failed.

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  • Mpkr77

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    people are getting jobs , Telangana students have plenty of enginering colleges, Telangana job seekers are getting at least 100000
    IT jobs every year, and telangana Engg aspirants have IIT, BITS, IIIT’s, Telangana residents have access to the best airport in
    Asia, Telangana farmers are making a good living, Even Gondus are selling tomatoes in hyd. What we don’t have now is 1. Naxalism
    (No 1 issue for four decades) 2. Hindu muslim Riots (No 2 issue for five decades) 3. CM position for KCR (Does he
    qualify)….Think Guys Think …I have participated in Telngana Agitation during Chennareddy’s time when we didn’t have jobs for
    even topers from osmania engg college …Vs average 10 lacs / annum job today, Used to walk 10 km for drinking water , Used to own
    100 acres but never visited the villages for naxals…These politicians specially KCR family is making making use of this issue to
    their family advantage which people failed to understand ..KCR family has 40% reservation in TRS ..any doubts ??? He has five of
    10 MLA’s and MP’s for his family .Is it not true ?? First KCR and family members should resign and make Gaddar party president and
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    telangana ? His daughter failed to get a job and failed every where and living as a barber and now made 100 crores and still
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    infrastructure. We need more jobs ..We need stability .We need good medicare for Telangana people. We need bridges in poor ADB
    like chennoor to Jagdal pur which is pending for decades. We need develeopment of kaleshwaram which is pending for decades. We
    need more industries in Ramagundam where plenty of water and coal available ..But our SC venkat swamy earned 1000 crores but never
    bothered to do this .That’s why we are back word .We need good leaders ..But not KCR’s and venkat’s ..Venkat swamy was MP (SC) for
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    The problem now is we need good leaders from telangana and please dump KCR family in moosi river and search for the leaders who
    are not for power, caste , and money ..Then See what happens ?? We had PV from Telangana in power for fifty years ..He changed the
    face of India ..Might had little time for his own constituency ..But it’s ok right ? We are getting the fruits of developed india.