Angel vs. Archangel – The Difference Between

Comparison of Angels and Archangels

The religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have angels and archangels. The word “angel” appears in the Old and New Testaments and in the Qu’ran and it means a messenger of God. The word refers to the duties carried out by a messenger, but provides no further description of the name. An “archangel” is an angel, but one that has a much higher rank than an ordinary angel. This refers to a chief messenger.

There are nine classifications of angels, but only three are mentioned in the Bible. There are three major groups of angels and between them they consist of the nine types. They are individuals, just as we are, but there are major differences between people and angels. This is because angels have the ability to see beyond time and as such are seers. They also possess a great deal of forbearance and patience. They know our goals and aspirations and are able to assist us in achieving them. However, they never interfere with our free will to take one route or the other.

Archangels also have the duty of giving us their protection. They do their best to guard everything. The main difference is that you can ask an angel for help, but you cannot call on an archangel. Even though they are guarding you, you cannot ask them to help you in a personal way.

Archangels protect everyone. They are the guardians of all mankind. They work to find solutions for the problems that exist in the world. They are angels that can take on the form of a human being.

Angels work in individuals to shape them into what they are. They help them to become philosophers, leaders and thinkers. Three of the most famous archangels mentioned in the Bible are Gabriel, Michael and  Raphael.