Difference Between APA and MLA

MLA and APA are styles of writing research papers. These two are different and should not be considered to be the same. MLA style is used in the writing papers in the field of researches in arts and humanities sciences while APA is writing style in the research papers related to social sciences.

As far as the general format is concerned, both the writing styles differ from each other. In the APA format a title page, page number, headings, visual proofs and abstract are included. There is a bibliography too which is very important in the last page. It is a list of books and journals consulted by the author.  Bibliography is so much important that sometimes a research paper’s usefulness is assessed by it.

On the other hand, there is no title page in the MLA style of writing a research paper. It includes selected bibliography and often called as ‘works cited page’. The name of the author is written on top left hand side of the paper. The name of the instructor is also included on the left top side of the paper along with the course title is also written on the top of the paper. All the pages are numbered as it is important to do so. The title of the paper is centered. A separate page for ‘work cited page’ is also important. The books and the journals mentioned in the ‘work cited page’ are arranged in alphabetical order according to the names of their authors.


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