Apes vs. Humans – The Difference Between

What is the difference between apes and humans?

Many animals are similar to each other. This is true of apes and humans. The two are mammals in the scientific order of primates that have many similarities, but there are also differences between them. According to the DNA research that has been done on the two groups, they are 98% similar in DNA. This means that there is only a 2% difference between apes and humans.

About Apes

There are two sub-groups of apes- the greater apes known as Hominidae and the lesser apes known as Hylobatidae. Both of these are omnivores, which mean they eat both animals and plants. However, there is a species of apes that eat only plants and are therefore herbivores. These are gorillas.

About Humans

Humans have the scientific name of Homo sapiens, a word that comes from the Latin language and means “all-knowing.” This is because humans are capable of logical reasoning and know the difference between right and wrong. They have a well-developed brain and it is their ability to reason and be curious about things that sets them apart from apes and other mammals. They are capable of discovering new things, mainly because of their sense of curiosity. The males are larger than the females in both size and shape, which makes them sexually dimorphic.

The difference between apes and humans

Humans do not have the ability to breathe and drink at the same time, but apes can do this. The arms and legs of humans are not as strong those of apes, who use their feet for grasping objects. Humans are unable to do this because the main role of the feet is to keep them balanced when they stand. They have very fine hair on the skin, with the exception of the hair on their heads. The skin of apes is covered in thick hair, which is needed to protect them from the cold.

The debate as to whether humans evolved from apes has been going on for some time. Charles Darwin studied evolution and developed the theory of evolution in which he explained that apes have gone through a series evolution through the ages until they developed as humans.


  1. Apes have the ability to breathe and drink at the same time, but humans are unable to do this.
  2. Humans have the brain ability to know the difference between right and wrong and they have a conscience. Apes are not capable of thinking in a logical way.
  3. Apes have much stronger arms and legs.