Apes Vs. Monkeys

Difference Between Apes And Monkeys

Monkeys and apes are the animals used in teaching and research at a very common scale. There are some similarities in both animals, the difference between are also many. Similarities are that both apes and monkeys belong to the family of the primates and some of them look very similar too. They have some common behaviors like habitat and food. But both animals are different in many aspects.

Monkeys are sized smaller among primates while apes are larger. In particular, the monkey come from the family cercopithecoid or platyrrhine primates belonging to the family while the apes are primates from Hominoidea family. Scientifically speaking, the old world monkeys are more closely linked to the apes than those of the New World. The Mandrill monkey is considered by many to be an ape owning to it’s size, but are actually Old World monkey. The monkey family has new and old world monkeys, ape family consists of, chimpanzee, orangutan, gorilla and human. The man is said to have evolved from apes.

An ape is clever than Monkey. They can learn sign language, use tools, and also demonstrate the ability to solve problems. The apes have brains and bodies comparatively larger than monkeys. The body of an ape includes a broad back, and arms longer than legs, but monkeys have narrow, long arms and chests are the same length and foot or less.




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