Appendix vs. Annexure

Difference Between Appendix and Annexure

Appendix and Annexure are different terms but they are often confused with by the people as far as their meanings are concerned. They convey different connotations.

An appendix is added to the end of a dissertation or thesis. It is contained of matter that helps emphasize the purpose of the subject matter of the dissertation. An annexure, on the other hand, is a document added to cite a proof mentioned in the thesis or dissertation. Annexure is used often in the field of economy and commerce while appendix is mostly used in the field of researches. This is the main difference between the two terms.

The researcher working in the field of languages writes a dissertation which is based on the contribution of rhetoricians in the rhetoric or figures of speech. In this research the research would add an appendix to the thesis which would be related to the subject matter that is figure of speech. The appendix in this research may consist of the list of figure of speeches which has been used by various rhetoricians. The word ‘appendix’ is sometimes written as ‘appendices’ in plural form.

An annexure is added to the end of a document which are additional documents cited by the researcher. On the other hand, appendix is not an addition. This is one of the differences between the two.

An annexure also means a part of a building added to the main building so as to provide extra accommodation. Thus here too, the meaning conveyed by the term ‘annexure’ is ‘extra’, extra document or extra building. An appendix is intended to strengthen the research. A researcher can explain his findings with the help of an appendix or a number of appendices. Appendix is an advantage to the researcher. Thus there are clear differences between the two terms.


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