Approach vs. Method

Difference Between Approach and Method

Approach and Method are two words which are often bemused owing to the similarity appearing in their senses. There are some major differences between the two words.

Approach alludes to an act or means to go up or to go near as in expression ‘made an approach’. In expression ‘need a new approach ’, the word ‘ approach ‘ has sense of ‘ a manner of managing anything or anyone’.

A method is on the other hand a word signifying ‘ a way ‘ or ‘a process. It alludes to the way in which a job is carried out. This is the main difference between approach and method. You go up to a problem with a view to attack it. On the other hand you use a method with a view to bring in a resolution. In other words you can say that the word ‘ approach ‘ is all about ‘handling’ things while the word ‘method’ is all about the resolution of problems.

You will not be able to handle problems if your approach is not good and efficient. At the same time you will not be able to resolve a problem if your method is wrong or is ineffectual. It is fundamental difference between approach and method. In certain cases your approach can lead to the method to resolve the problem. This concept is principally used in business. An approach to a problem of business will lead to the discovery of a method to solve it. In other words approach must be good for method to follow.

Approach is reason while method is effect. The approach towards a bridge (the method) must be good for you to go to the other end of the river in a secured way. These are difference between both concepts, approach and method.


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