Arctic vs. Antarctic

Difference between Artic and Antarctic

There is a lot of difference between the environments, living beings, climate and likes of the Arctic and the Antarctic. The crucial scenario is that the Antarctica continent is encircled by the world’s dangerous seas while the Arctic is a sea which contains a lot of other lands in its surroundings. A region of gliding mass of ice fragments borders the continent of Antarctica.

The Arctic is described by blowing of gentle winds while the Antarctica is known by the gusting of strong winds. That is why the Antarctica region is deemed to be colder and windier than the Arctic. Antarctica region is always covered with ice leaving only a 5 % of land, while Arctic region is free of ice and snow during summer.

There is a considerable difference between the Antarctica and the Arctic if human habitats are considered. There are native people and animals on the Arctic while there are no native peoples or large land animals residing in the Antarctica. The arctic region is well-described by the natives Eskimos and the Igloos. Polar bears have a huge population in the Arctic region. While only penguins and seals can be taken into account while studying the Antarctica region.

There are trees in the Arctic region while Antarctica region is free of trees. Presence of lots of algae can be recognized in the Antarctica while in the Arctic there is no presence of lots of algae. The behaviour of animals varies totally for both the continents. In the arctic, you will find violent or furious animals while in the Antarctica you will find the animals to be quite and relaxed.

The Arctic continent contains human settlements and other residential places. On the other hand, Antarctica does not contain any kind of township and living places. Antarctica region was founded after a long time from the foundation of the Arctic region.