Association vs. Aggregation

Difference Between Association and Aggregation

The association and aggregation are two words which must be realized differently. They are not interchangeable in use. The association is being in touch with people. On the other hand the aggregation means uniting a collection of people. This is the main difference between the association and aggregation.

The association means union and aggregation and is the method to form a union. In other words we can say that aggregation results in the association. Aggregation is the total crowd while the association is an organization. The association is a well-trained unit that works on the basis of some rules and regulations of the law. On the other hand the aggregation includes the strengthening of the association by the inclusion of new members and infrastructure.

Aggregation is a collection of disparate elements. It is a collection of items such as gravel, brick, stone and others which are useful for the construction of a building. This means that aggregation is a collection of different elements in one place. On the other hand the association is a collection of like-minded people or people with similar ideas and goals. This is one of the main differences between the association and aggregation.

It is interesting to note that both the association and aggregation can be found at a single location as well. Take for example an office or bank. It is an association of like-minded people working towards the same goal. At the same time the office is an aggregation of different elements such as papers and files, computers, office furniture, electrical fittings, valves etc.

Another important difference between the association and aggregation is that the association is formed when an aggregation is somewhat changed. That means the aggregation transforms a place to something special. As mentioned earlier aggregation of records, computers, offices, furniture etc is transformed into an office. This is how the difference between the two words should be included.


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