Aussie vs. Australian

Difference Between Aussie and Australian

Normally Aussie and Australian seem to give the same sense. But there is a difference between the two. ‘Aussie’ is used informally while Australian is used formally. This is the basic difference.  The word ‘Aussie’ is colloquial while the word ‘Australian’ is formal. When one uses the word ‘Aussie’ for ‘Australian’, it is not impolite.  It is only a substitute. Look at the sentences bellow.

He is a great Aussie cricketer.

The Aussies are great cricketer.

The word ‘Aussie’ in the above sentences is used informally. It is a colloquial way of addressing an Australian.  Look at the examples of the use of the word ‘Australian’.

He is a great Australian cricketer.

                Australians are the great cricketers.

We see the word ‘Australian’ used formally.

Both the words, ‘Aussie’ and ‘Australian’ are used to refer to a citizen of Australia. One is formal while other is informal. Both of them are used as noun but generally ‘Australian’ is used as an adjective.

An Australian/Aussie asked me the way to hotel. (As a noun)

He was an Australian citizen (As an adjective)

However, the word ‘Aussie’ can be used as an adjective. For example, ‘Just look at his Aussie way of playing.’ Here the ‘Aussie’ is an adjective qualifying the noun ‘way’. The word ‘Aussie’ is becoming popular and is a substitute for the word ‘Australian’. The difference between the two is not much.


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