Avast vs. AVG – The Difference Between

The difference between Avast and AVG

An antivirus program is one that is essential for any computer that has an Internet connection. Viruses and bugs can infect the hard drive and not only cause problems for you but also for your contacts. Such viruses can wipe out files and do irreparable damage to the hard drive. It can also gain access to your personal and financial information and through this unscrupulous persons can steal your identity as well as your savings.

Two of the most popular anti-virus programs on the market are AVG and Avast. They are very similar and while AVG has been around for quite some time, many people may never even heard of Avast.

About Avast

Avast is an anti-virus software that was developed in 1988 by a company in Prague, Czech Republic, called Avast Software. The main component is a central scanner that has been certified by the ICST. It utilizes anti-spyware technologies. There are various versions of this software that include Avast! Free, Avast! Pro and Avast! Interner Security.

In order to obtain a license to run Avast, you need to supply a valid emails address for identification verification. You also have to restart your computer every time you want to run the software. There are no pop-ups alerting you to updates and downloads that you can add on to the software. It does have a right click option and the scan is a customized one of the whole system.

About AVG

AVG is also anti-virus software that was developed in the Czech Republic. It was designed by Microsoft and will work on any of its operating systems. This software includes a wide variety of anti-virus programs.

You do not need to supply an email ID in order to obtain an AVG license nor do you need to restart your computer in order to run the program you have installed. You will receive regular updates and downloads for the software by means of pop-up windows on the lower right hand corner of the screen. It does take up a lot of memory on the computer, but is easier to use and faster than Avast.


  1. AVG does not require an email address, but Avast does.
  2. AVG does not need to restart the computer in order to run, but Avast does.
  3. AVG provides regular updates and downloads, but this does not happen with Avast.
  4. AVG provides only a full system scan, but Avast has a quick customized scan.
  5. AVG takes up more memory, but is easier to use.


  • Guest

     What’s the date of this comparison?

    “AVG provides regular updates and downloads, but this does not happen
    with Avast.” – this statement destroys the credibility of this

    Besides, any real AV software should require the user to restart the
    computer once in order to protect low-level system files. Saying that
    AVG doesn’t or that Avast requires a restart *every time* you
    run the software is ridiculous.

    • Scu_nurse

      agreed this 
      evaluation doesnt fit avast, I have used it for years