BA vs. BFA

Difference Between BA and BFA

Various universities and colleges in the world offer the degrees of BA and BFA. As far as subjects of the study are concerned, both the degrees differ from each other. BA is Bachelor of Arts while BFA is Bachelor of fine arts. Both of them take three years to be completed.

A BA program includes subjects such as history, psychology, languages, English, French, philosophy and economics etc. BFA on the other hand is aimed at the specialization in fine art streams such as dance, drawing, carpentry, sculpture, music etc. Thus the major subjects in both of the studies differ significantly.

Music is included in BFA in which history of music and musicians, musicology etc. are studied. When a student completes these subjects he is deemed to be eligible for the degree of BFA. A BFA may opt for MFA that is Master of fine Arts. It is the post graduate study.

Traditional subjects are included in BA such as History, Political Science, Economics, Psychology, languages etc. BFA includes the profession based subjects such as Painting, Dance, and Music etc. A student passing Dance subject becomes a musician. A student completing Dance subject becomes a dancer. A student who passes History as a subject tin BA becomes eligible for a teacher of History in school or a college.

If a student wants to do MFA, he will have to complete BFA first. In the same manner, if a student wants to do MA, he will have to pass a BA degree in one of the subjects included in humanities.


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