Balance vs. Scale

Difference Between Balance and Scale

Scale and balance are tools of measurement. Both have difference between them.  Scale makes use of compression when it is used to measure weight of something.  Balance on the other hand is used for measuring mass of different things. A balance makes comparison of the amount of matter contained in different things. Let us discuss them one by one.


Balance is used by vegetable and fruit sellers. They put a definite amount of mass (weight of 1kg. etc.) on one side of the balance and put vegetables of fruits on the other side and make balance between them. For example, if a consumer wants to buy one kilogram of mangoes, the vendor put 1kg weight on one side and put mangoes on the other side and makes equal balance between the two sides. In this way he gives the desired amount of things to the consumer. A balance is made of a liver with a fulcrum. On both sides of the liver, two plates are attached with strings. In both sides, two masses are put so as to make balance.  It is an instrument which compares the mass of two different things. Balances are used in our daily life.


A scale is an instrument which is used for weighing the mass of an object. For example a doctor measures the weight of a patient by making him stand on a flat instrument called weighing scale. It has a spring in it which controls a pointer. When a person stands on the scale its pointer tells the accurate weight of that person. Nowadays electronic weighing scales are used in the markets to measure the weight of different things like vegetables, sweets, groceries etc. Balances are also used sometimes though they have become things of past.


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