Difference Between BBA and BCA

Different college and universities offer a few professional courses after 10+2. Among them, there are two courses which are popular nowadays as they guaranty of job after the completion of the course. These are BBA and BCA. They are different from each other. BBA stands for Bachelor of Business Administration while BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Application. BBA is concerned with the field of business while BCA is concerned with the field of Computers.


BBA is a graduation level course which is a qualification for an MBA course which is a master degree in business administration. It is a three year course comprising six semesters. Subjects such as finance, accounts, human resource management, marketing, MIS, entrepreneurship etc. are included in BBA course.  A BBA pass candidate may apply to industries such as financial institutes, banking, boards, corporations etc. He may opt for MBA as it is good to do an MBA to enhance job prospective. To broaden the skills a candidate may do MCA after BBA.


BCA or Bachelor of computer Applications is a three year course which provide an academic foundation to a person who wants to become a computer professional. A BCA candidate naturally opts for MCA which is master degree in computer application. A BCA candidate can get jobs like programmer. The content of BCA course includes such subject which makes him aware of concept of software engineering, accounting, and management.

The students passing a BCA degree learn the concepts like software, hardware, programming and computer languages etc. After a BCA degree one can hope to find a lucrative job. He may opt for MCA which is a master degree and is equivalent to BE or Bachelor of Engineering. All types of industries offer job to a BCA and MCA. BCA is actually a technical degree while BBA is not a technical but a management degree.


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