Behavior vs. Attitude

Difference Between Behavior and Attitude

Attitude and behavior are completely different concepts. Attitude is internal – what you feel on the inside and behavior is external – your actions. Behaviour is something that others can see, while an attitude is something that only you know about because no one can see it.

Another way of explaining the difference between the two is to say attitude is what you think about something. Behaviour is the action you take because of your attitude. Attitude is more in your mind. It is oriented towards your thoughts and therefore influences your actions. Thus if you have the right attitude the right actions will automatically come to you.

Your attitude is your opinion and your behavior is what you do about that opinion. The environment and the setting can also cause you to have the wrong opinion about something or someone and in this way you may behave in a way that you wouldn’t under normal circumstances.

Quite often people judge your attitude by your behavior and this may not be correct. This is because some people hide their attitude and behave as if they felt differently than they really do. Even though attitude and behavior and attitude are connected they are different.

The way a person responds to the environment can be defined as behavior but what a person thinks about a situation is the attitude. You keep your feelings bottled up in your attitude but you our out your feelings in your behavior.

Difference Between Behavior and Attitude