Beluga Messenger vs.Twitter

Difference between Beluga Messenger and Twitter

Both Twitter and Beluga Messenger are social networking applications. Beluga has been bought by Face book recently. Face book has a messenger which is equal to Beluga but it bought Beluga only because it has some of the best features. Beluga was bought by Facebook in 2011. Now one can use Beluga while logging in Facebook. There are a number of application beside Facebook, Beluga and Messenger. Applications such as Hotmail Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, and Google talk, Group Me, Blackberry messenger etc. But it should be worthy of note why is Beluga so different from others. Ben Davenport and others launched Beluga in 2010. It has recently been bought by Face book.


Twitter offers social networking. It is an application offering micro blogging services facilitating the broadcasting and reading messages. It offers updates which are called tweets. A user of Twitter can create an account. He can update with news and status etc with a view to make them public. By default it is public status update. A user can have settings which make it to show only to the followers. Twitter is the messaging system through which one can reach millions of people instantly. In fact it can be called as group messaging system.


Beluga, like twitter, is an application. One can create a group and send messages. In fact Beluga comes between a broadcasting system and a SMS kind of messaging system. Beluga and Twitter are different from other messaging systems like chat in Skype. In a group chat, a user has to be online while in Beluga and Twitter they need not be online. They are multi-way and private communication applications.

In Beluga any two individual can make a group. It is the best cross platform application.  Actually Beluga serves as a single to single or single to multiple communication system. User can create private groups. He can share plans and status updates. It sends and receives instant information, updates, and photos through push notice. It is free on Beluga. It is an ideal system to be in contact with friends and family members sharing events and updating with each other easily.

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