Billiards vs. Snooker

The difference between billiards and snooker

Many people think that billiards and snooker are one and the same game. However, they have different rules and are played in different ways. The games of billiards and snooker are on opposite sides of the same coin, so great are the differences between them. They are played on the same kind of table but the style of play in each one is different.


There are three levels of colored balls in the game of billiards. These colors are white, yellow and red. Opponents choose either the yellow or red balls. The player who scores the highest number of points wins the game. In order to do this the player must sink all of his colored balls before the opponent does.


There are twenty-two balls in the game of snooker – fifteen red, one white and six balls of different colors. The way in which the game is played is that he should shoot to sink a red ball and then a colored ball. If this ball is potted, it is put back on the table in its original position and the player shoots another red ball. Once all the red balls are potted then the colored balls are the focus.

There are points attributed to every ball. Red balls are one point each, yellow balls are two points, green balls are three points, brown balls are four points, blue balls are five points and pink balls are six points. The black ball is the highest at seven points.

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