BJP vs. Indian Congress

Difference between BJP and Indian Congress

The most popular political parties in India are the Indian Congress and the BJP. Formed by O.A. HUME in 1885, The Indian Congress remains the oldest political party in India. The Indian Congress has been in the front line in creating reforms in the country since the ages of struggle for freedom after which it has been in power for a considerable number of times in coalitions with other parties.

The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) formed more recently from a conglomeration of affiliate groups which resulted from the splitting of the former Janata Party in the year 1980. Currently you find that the political popularity of any of the two parties is low at times hence they resort into forming alliances and coalitions .The Congress forms  the United Progressive Front ( UPA) while the BJP forms the National Democratic Alliance ( NDA ) by which it clinched leadership for six years under Attal Behari between 1998 and 2004 .

In regard to the disparities between the two political parties, many people tend to think that the BJP is better than the Congress in terms of the relations with the community. The congress on the other hand is ideologically a secular party in the face of the people. The congress has in history been after non-alignment with other powers of the world though it has been the culture of India to take sides with the Soviet Union US’ life time antagonist.

The BJP and the Congress do not differ in policies concerning matters of the economy despite their many differences .While the BJP strongly advocates for the Hinduism, the Indian Congress advocates for a secular nation.


  • Both of the two parties are the major ones in India.
  • The Indian Congress has been in existence since the struggle for independence while the BJP is more recent.
  • The BJP advocates for Hinduism while the Congress is for secularism.


  • congress party r better then bjp with the help off congress we get freedom without englandiyan