Black Boots vs. Black Suede Boots

Difference Between Black Boots and Black Suede Boots

Black boots and black suede boots are never easy to spot however their sharp differences can be spot if you look close enough.  There are distinctions in texture and in shades of both of these kinds of boots.

Black boots are mainly created of leather but different materials are also used. Leather is skin of animals in dried up condition in the sun till it hardens up and becomes tough enough to be used as shoes. Black boots can be worn with any color and style of apparel so they are a safe and tested statement as far as fashion is concerned. These boots are also friendly for cold weather.

Black suede boots are not that different from the black leather boots. Suede is prepared from the underside of animal skin. It is dried in the sun and treated till it becomes suitable for wearing. Suede is devoid of the external hard layer of leather, and is much softer and has a finer texture. They are very comfortable to wear and move around with. However as they contain pores they can easily get worn out. Black suede boots more expensive than regular black boots as the black suedes need more work and effort to get ready for market.

Black suede boots gives a nice, pleasant touch and softer and fuzzier feel unlike the leather-made black boots which are solid and as a result more tough and long-lasting than the other. Since the black suede boots absorbs dirt and liquids due to the pores, they get worn out easily.


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