Brie vs. Camembert

Difference Between Brie and Camembert

Brie and Camembert are both types French cheese that are made form cow’s milk and are soft in quality They originate from the provinces of Brie and Normandy and is one of the signature ingredient of the French cuisine .

The Brie cheese that derives its name from Brie –a place ion France where it was created is soft in nature and is whitish in appearance. According to people its flavor depends on its preparation and ingredients. There are many varieties of Brie cheese including the plain and the herbed version.

Camembert – which was produced in Normandy, a French province is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk and is soft. This cheese was invented by a farmer with the advice of a priest from the Brie province. Camembert was a staple food for the French Army during the World War, so it was popular to the French culture.

It is true that the French savor cheese but is as popular on a global basis as it is popular in France. Camembert cheese is made from unpasteurized milk however brie is made from pasteurized milk. Brie is manufactures as large wheels as a result when one gets to look at it in the market they are already in sliced. However, camembert cheese originates as small rounds, thus they are not sliced and one gets to see it as they are made.

Cheese is of different types. While some are hard some are softer like brie and camembert. As far as ingredients are concerned both are prepared from cow’s milk. The point of difference is that they represent their own province.


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