BSC Economics vs.BA Economics

Difference Between BSC Economics and BA Economics

B.Sc. Economics and BA Economics are different courses. Both the courses are equally proffered by students. They are popular courses in universities and colleges. To take admission in them specific admission procedure is adopted. Both of them are different from each other.

BA Economics belongs to art group. It is a Bachelor of Arts program. B.Sc. Economics, on the other hand, belongs to the science group. B.Sc. Economics is a Bachelor of Science program. This is one of the main differences between them.

B.Sc. Economics have more subjects then B.A. Economics.  B.Sc. Economics is an applied science in which students have to conduct practical. On the other hand, such practical are not needed in B.A Economics.

There is a condition of submitting a dissertation during the B Sc. Economics program in a few universities. Students get their degree only after the submission of the dissertation. The submission of dissertation is not mandatory in BA Economics.

B. Sc. Economics includes the study of mathematics and statistics deeper than BA Economics. BA economics includes mathematics and statistics on the basic level only. On the other hand, B.Sc. Economics includes the subjects of mathematics and statistics at the advance level. This is also a major difference between B.Sc. Economics and B.A. Economics.

Both B.Sc. Economics and B.A Economics generally take three years for the completion of the degrees. However, in some universities B.Sc. Economics takes longer duration of time. B.Sc. Economics is desired most as it provides better job than a B.A economics degree because B.A. Economics is considered as a traditional subject. On the other hand B.Sc. Economics is an advanced study and applied science which is more in demand than B.A Economics. Thus there are a lot of differences between B.Sc. Economics and BA Economics.

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