BSC Psychology vs. BA Psychology

Difference Between BSC Psychology and  BA Psychology

B.A psychology and BSc. B.Sc. Psychology are the two fields of studies. Both are the bachelor level programs. They both are preferred by the students equally. As far as the content and specialization are concerned, both of them are different from each other.

B.Sc. Psychology is practical in nature while BA psychology does not involve so much practical. BA Psychology is a traditional course of study while B.Sc. Psychology is an advanced study. The stress in B.Sc. Psychology is on practical application of the subject. On the other hand, B.A Psychology is studied in traditional mode. The stress is on theory and history of psychological theories.

Another difference is that B.Sc. Psychology needs a thorough knowledge of practical aspect of the subject. A Dissertation is to be submitted before the completion of the course. This dissertation is not mandatory in B.A Psychology degree.

Both the degrees generally take three years to complete the course in most of the universities. But in a few universities the course duration is four years. A student of B.A. Psychology has to study the subjects like philosophy and the logic more than a student of B.Sc. Psychology. It is studied in a traditional way. The stress is on theory rather than practical aspect of the knowledge. On the other hand a student of B.Sc. Psychology has to study the subject like experimental psychology and statistics. The stress is on practical aspect of the psychology rather than theory. Thus the difference between B.Sc. Psychology and B.A Psychology is clear.

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