Business Analyst vs. Business Consultant

How to differentiate between a business analyst and a business consultant

Experts are often called in to provide assistance for business start up and to determine the financial health of a business. They can take an unbiased look at the business to pinpoint areas of inefficiency or waste and to offer solutions to these problems to make the business run more effectively. These experts are independent professionals who do not have a vested interest in the business. They are business analysts and business consultants. Sometimes they are referred to as performing the same duties, but they are different professions and operate in different ways.

What does a business consultant do?

A business consultant is contracted by a business at an hourly rate to provide help and advice about one or more aspects of the business. Examples could be to look at inefficiencies that exist in marketing or in day to day operations. This person is more of an expert in the financial side of the business. The work he/she does in this capacity is for the benefit of the company as a whole to optimize its efficiency.

What does a business analyst do?

A business analyst does not have to be an expert from outside the company. It can be someone who works in the business and who can act as the liaison between the company and the technical firms with which it does business. They are mainly used in the IT sector of a business because they understand the types of technical problems that can develop. This person usually determines what the company’s needs are in the area of computer software.


  1. The jobs of business consultant and business analyst are very similar to each other.
  2. A business analyst is usually a company employee but a business consultant is an expert who is brought in from outside the company.
  3. A business analyst deals with the technical aspects of the business, but a business consultant works more in the finances.
  4. A business analyst focuses on the IT side of the business, but a business consultant is concerned with the overall performance.