By vs. From

Difference Between By and From

By and from are two words that are confused because of the similarity between them due to their implications and connotations. There is a difference between the two words.

Talking grammatically the words ‘by’ and ‘From’ is used as prepositions. The words ‘by’ means instrumental case as the word specify the ablative case. This is the main distinction between the two words.

The word ‘by’ indicates an instrument of action. Look at the two sentences:

1. It is said by him.

2. The book was sold by the merchant.

In the previous sentence the word ‘by’ shows the instrument of the action to know the person in action ‘speaking’. In last sentence the word ‘by’ shows the instrument of action that is’ the merchant ‘shopkeeper’ was the action of “selling the book’.

On the other hand the word ‘from’ shows the ‘point of starting of the movement’ as in the sentences:

1. Fruits fell from the trees.

2. He came from the village in the morning.

In the foremost sentence the word ‘from’ shows the ‘point of falling of fruits’, that is, the trees. In the second sentence the preposition ‘from’ shows ‘point of origin of person’ that is the ‘village’. This is basic difference in the use of above mentioned prepositions.

It must be noted that both words ‘from’ and ‘by’ can be used in questions as well as in the sentences:

1. By whom you were questioned?

2. Where do you come from?

In the first sentence the word ‘by’ is used in question. In the similar way as in the second sentence of the preposition is used in question. The word ‘by’ can be used in other forms of matter as’ by what?’’ by which?’



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