By vs. Until

Difference Between By and Until

By and until are often mystified due to the appearing resemblance between them. There are some differences between the two words. The word ‘by’ is normally used as a preposition and it is used in the sense of ‘before’ or sometimes ‘on or before’ as in the sentences

1. The article must be ready by Tuesday.

2. The homework must be completed by tomorrow.

In the previous sentence word ‘by’ shows the meaning of ‘before’ and the meaning of the sentence would be ‘the article should be ready before Tuesday’. In the last sentence the word ‘by’ shows the connotation of ‘before or on’ and the sentence mean ‘the homework must be accomplished before or on tomorrow’.

The word ‘until’ shows the meaning of ‘till’ or ‘up to’ like in the following sentences:

1. He is not coming to the office until he gets fit.

2. She is not going to give the papers until she get the fee.

In the previous sentence word ‘until’ suggests the meaning of ‘up to’ and the sentence would be ‘he is not coming to the office to the day he gets fit’. In the last sentence word ‘until’ gives the sense of ‘till’ and the sense of the sentence would be ‘she not going the papers till the time she get the fee’. This is the key difference between the two words, explicitly, by and until.

It must be noted that the word ‘until’ is used like conjunction that joins two sentences. The word ‘by’ is mostly used as a preposition. These are the imperative differences between the two words ‘by’ and ‘until’. Their distinction should be cautiously calculated.




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