Caffeine vs. Taurine

Difference Between Caffeine And Taurine

Taurine is an acidic chemical substance produced by many animal tissues which is used as an ingredient in some energy drinks like Red Bull, while caffeine is a natural alkaloid present only in some plants and used for the production of beverages such as tea, coffee and Coca-Cola.

The caffeine is a substance belonging to the family of natural alkaloids and is present in many plants (such as the coffee, cocoa, tea, cola etc …). It is a compound that occurs at room temperature as an odorless white solid. Caffeine is a stimulant which put effect on central nervous system and is used in the medical field or to produce some drinks. It is important to know that caffeine should be used only occasionally because prolonged use can lead to loss of response to it.

The Taurine is an amine which is also known as 2-amminoetanosulfonico acid, or a chemical acid produced in many tissues of animals (Including humans) and in some bacterial species. It performs many biological functions such as the synthesis of bile salts and the maintenance of osmolarity cellular regulation of the phagocytic activity of immune cells. It has cardio-protective action and strong antioxidant action. Due to its energizing action, it has become a common ingredient in energy drinks such as Red Bull, energy sweets and milk for children up to three years.

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