Cajun vs. Creole

How Cajun and Creole are different

People that belong to a specific region of Louisiana are often referred to as either Cajon or Creole. They are different in terms of the two groups with respect to the origin and characteristics.


Cajun people come from the rural areas of the state and are very religious. They are very private people and do not like to share information about themselves with strangers. A person who is said to be Cajun is descended from the French-speaking Acadians who were expelled from their homes in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in the 1700’s. Today, this group refers to those who are of French, Spanish, German, Anglo-Americans and native Americans as well as Creoles who speak French. Cajuns prefer jazz and blues music and have a preference for French food.


Creole people are those that come from the urban areas of Louisiana. They are not very religious and are not as protective of their privacy. The word comes from the Latin “criollo” which means local or native. Although they do like French food, their preference is mainly Afro-European. In music, this group prefers Caribbean and West African.