Calamari vs. Squid

Difference Between Calamari And Squid

The fins placed along the body and tentacles tell the difference between calamari and squid. The first one has long and larger fins which are tapered and diamond-shaped. These are attached along almost the entire body. The fins are triangular in shape and are attached to the final part of the body including tentacles as well as suction cups with a couple of hooks.

The squid is between 15 and 40 cm in size which belongs to the family of cephalopods. It has a shape conical shape with gray-pink color. It is spotted on the back.  Its two side fins are large, long and slender which are rhomboidal in shape.  It has a small mouth surrounded by 10 tentacles including 2 longer ones with windy shape which are used to capture prey.  It is used in the kitchen to make rings and is consumed with salad.

The tattler is a mollusk cephalopod ranging from 20 to 50 cm in length. It has two small fins attached at the end of the body, forming a sort of triangle with 10 tentacles with 2 longer ones. It has suction cups and a couple of hooks. The color is generally white-red. It is found on sandy bottoms and can grow 15 kg in weight.  It is fried in the kitchen. However it is considered less valuable than a squid.

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