Calories vs. Fat Calories

Difference Between Calories and Fat Calories

Fat calorie and calorie are unrelated although their names appear similar. People think that since they have a common word they are now associated to each other. In this case, it’s not exclusively true. What are the differences amid calories and fat calories? Read on.


Calorie is actually a unit of compute for heat. What you are thinking of when you find calorie is also called as kilocalorie; import how much heat it will require to raise the temperature by one degree of one kilogram water. You may see this word in various food products that you buy every day. The suggested calorie intake of a normal person would be somewhere around 2000 calories.

Fat Calorie

Fat calorie is essentially how much calorie you get from the fat in the food you eat. A gram of fat typically holds about 9 calories. So, for example, eating something with 10 grams of fat will give you about 90 calories. And most people’s diets include too much fat to be measured healthy. Dieticians suggest only about 50-80grams of fat to be consumed every day. But all types of we take is not bad.

Difference between Calories and Fat Calories

Calories are normally used to compute heat. Though, they are also used to calculate the energy needed by the body to perform. Calories are found in anything we eat. Every food we ate has a fixed amount of it. Some foods contain fat also; and we get calories from fat. The sad thing is that the calories we get from fat are typically greater than the calories from other constituents of foods. The only dissimilarity between fat calories and calories is from where they are coming from. Calories cover energy which we obtain from anything we eat but fat calories count only those which we obtain from fat.

Calories and fat calories are rather unconnected terms. Their only familiar ground is in their use. Calorie is common term in comparison to fat calories.


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