Canonization vs. Beatification

Difference Between Canonization And Beatification

Canonization, the solemn and definitive declaration by the pope, who declares a person as a saint after he/she is dead. After this declaration the deceased becomes worthy of public worship. The decree of canonization, issued only by the pope, does not promote a person to eternal glory; it merely states that the individual has attained that glory and may be venerated as a saint by the faithful.


Roman Catholic Churches have a practice where pope is the authority who declares a person as beatified or blessed after he/she is dead. It is sometimes the first step toward canonization. Beatification differs from canonization in that it constitutes only a permission to venerate a certain person, with restrictions to certain places and to certain liturgical exercises. Outside the designated places it is unlawful to pay reverence to the person beatified or to celebrate Mass with prayers referring to him or her, unless special permission, called an indult, has been granted. Canonization, in contrast, is universal.


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