Cemetery Vs. Graveyard

Difference Between Cemetery And Graveyard

The two terms cemeteries and graveyards are much confusing and people often think that both mean the same thing and often use them in place of one another. There are some dictionaries which provide same meaning for both these words. While the meaning of the word graveyard has been defined as a place where the dead people are buried, the meaning of the word cemetery has been mentioned as a place for burying people after they die i.e. a graveyard.

But if carefully noticed, one would see that it is only the cemeteries and not the graveyards that are referred to. The reason behind this is that both are different places as far as human burial grounds are concerned.

As a burial ground the aesthetic value of a cemetery is quite great. It features picturesque scenery and along with lush greenery and marvelous flora the atmosphere in a cemetery is really peaceful and quiet.  The visitors there can think about their departed ones, contemplate and even get a clear view of the sky and hear the sounds of nature. These cemeteries are symmetrically built with properly arranged and marked graves (arranged in columns and rows).

However in case of a graveyard, the atmosphere is a disorganized one, with usually dead trees and without the beautiful lush green scenery. There is no organization whatsoever about the burying the dead and as a result the space often gets overcrowded. Unlike the cemetery where there are people who are responsible for maintenance, there are no such people in a graveyard. There are even no people to clean up a graveyard. A grave there is not in a good state and is often dirty and destroyed. Thus it is evident when people do not want to be buried in a graveyard.


1. A cemetery is a place where the dead human beings are buried and it is not situated anywhere near the church.

2. The graveyard is a place where the dead human beings are buried and it is near the church.

3. A cemetery better maintained than a graveyard.

4. Generally a cemetery contains more space, serenity, is better structured, and is a finer looking place for burial when compared to the graveyard.

5. People want to get buried in a cemetery after they die but not in the graveyard.


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