Chanting vs. Singing

Difference Between Chanting and Singing

Singing and chanting are ways of connecting to God through prayers. Singing is a common word and is used more often while talking about singing payers. Chanting is lesser heard word.

While singing a prayer you need to follow the tune and rhythm while chanting is speaking the words in the prayer in loud manner without any tune or rhythm. This is a ice alternative for the people who feel shy while singing in public or who think that they cannot sing well. When a person chants the prayers he is able to concentrate in a better way and can meditate while praying.

Chanting is also known to have great affect on body and mind especially the chanting of mantras and shlokas. Studies have proved that chanting of shlokas and mantras influences heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and other function in the body in a very positive way. It can reduce the respiration rate by almost 50% and this is very good for health mainly for your lungs and heart. Chanting helps in meditation and brining inner peace and calmness.


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