Cheese vs. Yogurt

Difference Between Cheese and Yogurt

Yoghurt and Cheese are two types of food that differ a lot as regards their preparation and nature. While it is true that both yogurt and cheese are dairy products, there are still some differences between them.

The yogurt is made from the fermentation of milk. On the other hand the cheese is due to acidification. This is the main difference between the two. Bacteria are used in the acidification of milk if the cheese mixture. On the other hand, the yogurt is prepared in anaerobic conditions.

Lactic acid gives the tangy taste in yogurt, while the bacteria are responsible for the flavor in cheese. Yoghurt is said to have many medicinal benefits. This is extremely useful in digestion and is said to clean colon also. On the other hand the cheese is mostly used as a source of protein.

The yogurt is used for the treatment of inflammatory bowel syndrome, colon cancer and diarrhea. They say it contains a high amount of vitamin D and calcium as well. Now we say that yogurt prevents diseases that are related to our bones e.g.Osteoporosis.

Since the cheese is made from milk coagulated with the enzyme, it is not always sharp. Sometimes, the lemonade is used in the preparation of cheese. Vinegar is also used in the preparation of cheese. On the other hand, the vinegar is not used in the preparation of yogurt. The whole milk is used to form curds in making cheese. These curds are usually compressed and covered in cheese mixture.

On the other hand preparation of yogurt curd involves processing of curd before they become too hard. Cooking experts feel there is not much of a difference in the treatment involved in the preparation of cheese and yogurt.



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