Cite vs. Quote

Difference Between Cite and Quote

Cite and quote are often confused. The confusion is probably caused by their similar meaning. There is a world of difference between the two words as much as their meanings are involved.

The word ‘quote’ is often used to mean repeating a passage or phrase from a book or essay. It is used as evidence or to give an illustration. On the other hand the word ‘cite’ is used to indicate the repeating of a passage or phrase in a book as an authority. This is the main difference between the two words.

In other words we can say that there is an element of authority in action of citing when there is element of evidence in the action of quoting. The word ‘cite’ is used to confirm something like the sentence, ‘the teacher has cited many examples of the power hungry from history’.

The word ‘cite’ is used to mean ‘to commend’ for outstanding service and hard work as in the word ‘citation’. In military it is used to refer to a soldier or a unit in the orders as for gallantry. On the other hand the word ‘quote’ is used in the sense of brief excerpts from a book or work.

It is interesting to note that the word ‘quote’ has a different meaning in the subject of commerce. It is actually used to state a price or usually the current price. The name form of the verb ‘quote’ is ‘quotation’. On the other hand the name form ‘cite’ is ‘citer’. It is used as an adjective with the form ‘citable’. The word ‘cite’ is said to be born from the Latin word ‘Citara’ which stands for ‘summon before a church court’.



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